Partnership with Dial An Exchange Strengthens Alderwood’s Exchange Program

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 19:00

Always looking for ways to enhance benefits to its over 10,000 members, The Alderwood Group closed out 2012 with a major overhaul to its vacation exchange program. The California-based resort management group was proud to announce a partnership with Dial An Exchange (DAE), the world’s largest privately owned timeshare exchange provider to power their existing internal exchange program, Alderwood Advantage Vacation Exchange™. With an Alderwood Advantage™ membership owners now have access to wholesale vacation deals in hundreds of global destinations, discounted cruises, packaged vacations and tours worldwide as well as online bookings for hotels, airfare and car rental and affordable travel insurance. 

Now that Alderwood has joined forces with Dial An Exchange, that service has been extended to the vast network of resorts throughout the globe and the quality customer service that Dial An Exchange is recognized for.  Dial An Exchange boasts over 450,000 members and a system that makes it extremely easy to exchange. 
The flexibility of exchanging is a key benefit of timeshare.  An exchange program allows owners to trade their timeshare for a chance to experience a new vacation destination at a comparable property.  The possibility becomes endless, with the option to chose from beaches, mountains, major cities to quaint towns all around the world. 
Alderwood Advantage Vacation Exchange™ membership is free, there are low exchange fees, and the fee does not have to be paid until the exchange happens.  By simply depositing one week in a property one credit is earned and can be used at any other available property.  The credit remains available for 3 years, so there is ample time to plan that perfect vacation.  The customer also has the option to give the exchange opportunity to a friend or family member at no additional cost.  
Alderwood’s award winning customer service representatives are available to assist in the search of the exchange pool.  It is good to keep in mind that the more desirable the property is, the greater exchange flexibility it will have.   Also, it’s a good idea to plan and request an exchange ahead of time, and to be flexible on dates.  Another benefit of the exchange program to take advantage of is bonus weeks.  These are weeks in the exchange pool that are within 60 days of the check in date and are available at greatly discounted rates to owners.
Control, options and flexibility all make timeshare ownership unique and exciting. The chance for a completely new vacation experience through Alderwood Advantage Vacation Exchange™ is a choice you and your family can ponder. Your home away from home can be used for new life adventures. Just imagine all the places you can see.
Kristen Fitzpatrick