Tina Hill Joins the Alderwood's Resort Management Group

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 19:45
Big Bear Lake California Resort Management Group, The Alderwood Group announced today Tina Hill, Vice President of Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E), has joined company as Direct Exchange and Wholesale Manager for its newly launched Alderwood Advantage™ program. “We are excited to have Tina on board and are confident she can take our existing exchange program, Alderwood Advantage™, to the next level,” says Tom Johnson, President and CEO of The Alderwood Group.
Hill has more than fourteen years of experience in the vacation club and timeshare management industry, most recently as the Direct Exchange and Wholesale Manager for Hawaii Vacation Club. In her new capacity, Hill will direct the continued development of Alderwood Advantage™, offering Adlerwood’s signature personalized resort management services its internal owner base. “With Tina, we will be able to provide increased vacation and exchange opportunities as well as boost our fulfillment percentage for our internal owners,” says Kindal Voss, General Manager of award-winning Big Bear resort Lagonita Lodge. “Aside from the traditional role of direct exchange and wholesale, we will be developing a vacation club with membership extending beyond our timeshare owners to all of our clients including our individual homeowners,” adds Hill. Hill serves as Vice President of C.A.R.E. (a trade organization established in 1985 by timeshare resort representatives) and received C.A.R.E.’s notable Richard Gallardo Award in 2008.

About Alderwood Advantage™

Alderwood Advantage™ is a direct exchange, wholesale and vacation club program offered to Alderwood’s interval owners and individual homeowners. The program works with numerous direct exchange companies and holiday clubs to provide exchange and vacation opportunities at over 200 resorts nationwide. Alderwood Advantage™ also allows owners the unique ability to exchange time directly with each other.
To learn more about Alderwood Advantage™, visit www.AdlerwoodAdvantage.com or contact Tina Hill at (866) 944-4233, or via email at thill@alderwoodadvantage.com.
Cathleen Calkins