Resort Management Services: An Excerpt from the HPSI Newsletter

Sunday, January 1, 2012 - 01:45

[As featured in the HPSI Newsletter]

The pool, the grounds, the rooms, the reservations system, the accounting software...the list goes on and on when it comes to resort management services.
And as travel grows for both business and pleasure, properties need to be particularly skilled at providing the creature comforts of home with an attention to detail like no other.
Headquartered in Big Bear Lake, California The Alderwood Group outsources hospitality and resort management services to independent hotels, resorts and timeshare properties. Anything from full time hands on day-to-day operations to special projects.
Tom Johnson is the cornerstone of the thriving Alderwood organization. A consummate leader, Johnson creates an energized business environment that challenges teams to be focused and quality minded. Driven by a humanistic approach to management, hallmarks of Johnson’s veteran leadership style are his absolute command of financial matters and his high-minded approach to operations.
The Alderwood Group is a rare timeshare management company. Distinguished by its network of talented executives, Alderwood is of a new breed amongst hospitality management organizations. Groomed by the corporate world, management draws from the best practices of decades in the world of hospitality. Accomplished at hotel, resort, timeshare resort and private residence club management endeavors, Alderwood calls upon its ability to pair the right professionals for the task at-hand, leading to winning hospitality teams that develop and produce.
Alderwoods’ service ideology begins with...“if we take care of our Employees, our Employees will take care of our Guests and our Guests will take care of our Owners”. Alderwood invests, beyond the norm, in their team and in their community. They care. Everyday, Alderwood strives to build upon a respected image by modeling genuine, attentive ways towards Employees, its Community, its Guests and its Owners.
The Alderwood Group has assembled a skilled team of marketing professionals that make a difference. Savvy marketing strategies and skilled public relations are a direct result of an integrated marketing approach providing both the preliminary strategic planning and expert implementation. The team recommends, develops and executes programs utilizing advertising, collateral development, direct mail, special events, media relations, promotion and direct sales campaigns as required by the specific marketing challenge.
Creative environments are conducive to triumphant agendas. To that end, Alderwood has provided imaginative solutions to thriving organizations like Disney, Coca Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Ingram Micro, ESPN, General Motors, Volvo, Toyota and the U.S. and Saudi National Soccer Teams, to name a few. Our Group Sales specialists and Convention Services professionals listen, perform and inspire.
Accountability is “spending it like it was your own”. The Alderwood Group prides its self in wise expense controls. With Alderwood, there is no uncontrolled spending often found in corporate layered companies. Expect prudently planned budgets that fit the needs of a growing asset. Look for professional financial management services, where books and records are accurately maintained, where receivables and payables are properly managed and where operational reports are timely and correct. Anticipate honest answers.
Environmentally responsible, Alderwood conservation programs revolve around the business premise of “Conserve today for a green tomorrow”. Alderwood encourages, supports and promotes ecological consciousness by conserving resources, managing waste, controlling energy and the use of environmentally friendly products. Cooperative efforts with local utilities and the community, state and federal programs are designed to safeguard our natural resources.
The Alderwood Group understands that results are measured in increased cash flow, returns on investment and appreciation of the asset. We know the combination of a strategically positioned asset and an experienced, dedicated timeshare management team will ensure long-term success.
[As featured in the HPSI Newsletter]
Cathleen Calkins