The Alderwood Group Joins International Timeshare Appreciation Day

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 18:15

For years potential timeshare owners and travel lovers have been presented with a dichotomous image of timesharing. Many envision sitting through a high-pressure two-hour sales spiel by someone who looks like Joe Isuzu in exchange for a cheap weekend in Hawaii or a handful of casino chips. While this image has persisted – resulting in the web being strewn with articles like Timeshare Owners Being Plagued by Scams and Is It the Real Deal, or a Timeshare Scam, there are also positive memories being written about on blogs and social media sites all around the world and countless memorable vacation photos being uploaded to Facebook and Instagram daily. 

At the forefront of the march towards a revised and positive image of timesharing are the folks involved with International Timeshare Appreciation Day. The first annual International Timeshare Appreciation Day took place on November 1st, 2012 and garnered nearly 800 unique Facebook visitors to share their unscripted, honest and positive stories and experiences with timeshare ownership – some for decades. Associations such as DAE Live, TATOC, LiveShare Travel and RCI Ventures among many others, all pledged their support and helped to make the inaugural event a success. 
With over 800 likes and many fans sharing their best timeshare memories, the International Timeshare Appreciation Day’s (ITAD) Facebook page is proving that timeshare and resort owner services are still alive and well. The stated goal is to “join timeshare owners and people within the industry [to] celebrate all that is good about timeshare each year on November 1st."
Timeshare AuthorRecently The Alderwood Group had a chance to chat with the event’s founder, Lisa Ann Schreier, a timeshare industry consumer consultant and blogger at to not only learn more about the event but to discuss ways for our timeshare management company to get involved. She shared with us the event’s conception and continuing goal to both educate the general public as well as celebrate the good aspects of timeshares with current owners.
Lisa Ann believes the industry will have difficulty recovering from the black-eye it has received from years of bad publicity. In her eyes the best way for companies to deal with this public misconception of timeshare ownership isn’t to hide from it but to openly discuss the pros and cons; call out the bad apples for what they are and above all to highlight how great of an experience vacation resort ownership can be. 
What Lisa Ann has learned in two years promoting and encouraging owners and associations to participate in ITAD is that those who aren’t willing to come together and discuss both the wonderful aspects as well as the challenges facing timeshare ownership probably have something to hide. “You know what... if you don’t believe enough in your own product, shame on you.” she writes on her site. 
We hope to bring you much more on International Timeshare Appreciation Day in the coming months leading up the November 1st event!


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Kristen Fitzpatrick