International Timeshare Appreciation Day Approaches: Five Questions with Founder Lisa Ann Schreier

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 19:30

International Timeshare Appreciation Day (ITAD) is rapidly approaching. One month from now, on November 1st hundreds of timeshare owners and professionals will spread the word and celebrate all the great things about timeshare and vacation ownership.  The Alderwood Group recently caught up with Lisa Ann Schreier, the event’s founder, editor of the popular timeshare blog Timeshare Insights, and Executive Director of the National Timeshare Owners Association for the latest news and plans for the event.  Timeshare Insights is a company who educates timeshare consumers and is devotedly working toward positive change in the timeshare industry.
Q: Since we last spoke in June, give us a general update on the participation level and folks getting involved in ITAD.
A: So far, so good.  Word is getting out through some channels.  I hope to have a guest blog on a major timeshare resale site (legitimate resale I must add) and now, with my appointment as the Executive Director of the new National Timeshare Owners Association, I have their word that they will help spread the word.  We hope to have actual presentations at one, perhaps two, different resorts on the actual event day.
Q: What are your plans for the day of the event (November 1st)? Heading anywhere special?
A: Yes, we have an offer from Lehigh Resort in Florida and we are in the preparing stages of working with a resort here in the Orlando area where we want to present a few awards.
Q: Timeshare satisfaction reports have been a hot topic on social media and various online publications recently - where do you think consumers can find the most accurate information regarding owner satisfaction? And, what factors play the greatest role in timeshare satisfaction today?
A: Terrific question.  I think much depends on what is meant by "satisfaction."  It is a very vague term, which is exactly why it is used so often.  I think consumers need to spend LESS time researching other's overall satisfaction with timeshare and MORE time researching specific timeshare resorts and timeshare companies.  Generalities don't matter nearly as much as specifics in this case.  Price still matters.  And it should be the first priority when looking at timeshare.
Q: What are some of your favorite online avenues or tools for resorts and owners to share their positive timeshare experiences?
A: I very much like what Timeshare Advisor has been able to do in a relatively short time.
Q: Beach, Desert, Mountains or City?
A: I'm a city person all the way.  Beaches, deserts and mountains are nice to look at and experience for a day or so, but given the choice, sightseeing, architecture and people watching are my favorites.

Kristen Fitzpatrick