Alderwood Launches MyLife Program for Employees

Friday, September 25, 2009 - 07:15

The Alderwood Group Fosters Community Through Wellness with It's New Employee Health and Wellness Program MyLife

Big Bear Lake, California / September 25, 2009 - Big Bear based timeshare management company The Alderwood Group (Alderwood) has partnered with three area health providers - Mountain Fitness Center, Sol Food Market and Dr. Robin Bradley to promote wellness in the workplace with its MyLife program.  "We celebrate the importance of health in work and in life," says Tom Johnson, President and CEO of Alderwood. "And we know the benefits of a healthier and happier workforce lead to enhanced recruitment and retention of employees as well as decreased rates of illness and injury."

Alderwood's MyLife is an online program where content is routinely refreshed and health, wellness and financial news feeds are available as resources. "The MyLife program is based on the four principles: Do More, Be More, Live More and Connect More," says Johnson. Do More helps improve organizational skills and enhance relationships; Be More offers information centered on furthering education, making financial management decisions and designing a personal career plan; Live More is about healthy advice on eating and exercise; and Connect More is similar to a Facebook style interface where employees can send invitations to events or find a partner to go for a hike.

Studies show employee wellness can have a significant impact on a business' bottom line. "Workplace wellness is an avenue any size business cannot afford to ignore," says Stephanie Lawrence, Alderwood's Director of Administration. "More importantly, we live in a community where access to healthy living is easy." Alderwood has partnered with Mountain Fitness Center on Fox Farm Road offering subsidized gym memberships to its employees and has teamed up with Sol Food Market on Big Bear Boulevard to provide employees and their immediate family members affordable access to the market's food co-operative (which offers fresh, organic, seasonal and locally-grown produce at wholesale pricing). Because wellness is more than just the physical aspect of life, Alderwood also offers employees the ability to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robin Bradley, Clinical Psychologist, and covers her fees.

Cathleen Calkins