The Timeshare and Travel Effect: New Initiatives to Emphasize the Benefits of Travel

Monday, September 2, 2013 - 21:15

Coinciding with International Timeshare Appreciation Day, in which Alderwood is participating in this November, is the Timeshare Effect – an infographic developed by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA.)  The Timeshare Effect highlights the different ways timeshare vacations have a positive effect on lifestyle, family memories and finances, and is in response to the U.S. Association’s campaign the Travel Effect.  

The Travel Effect ScreenshotThe Travel Effect is an ongoing initiative to emphasize the benefits of travel on the economy, family, government and business by the voice of the U.S. travel industry, The U.S. Travel Association.  The Association states: “The Travel Effect proves through new and original research the economic, societal, business and personal benefits of travel, demonstrating the real truth behind “hidden” impacts that travel can have on us all.”  Their website is comprehensive and displays these studies in an innovative fashion through infographics, downloadable reports and videos.  
The reports show that travel not only supports small businesses and communities, but also creates jobs. Their studies measure the travel impacts on the economy at the national, state and local levels and is divided into categories that include lodging, food, retail, public transportation, auto transportation and amusement/recreation.  A report from 2011 calculates that travel supported 7.5 million American jobs and generated $124 billion in taxes.
The Travel Effect’s look at family vacations points out how travel brings families closer together and creates lasting memories.  Nearly every child surveyed (93%) said that they get to spend quality time with their parents.  Moreover, family vacations foster lifetime memories through new adventures.  
The Timeshare Effect LogoSimilarly, the Timeshare Effect focuses on those lifetime memories created by childhood family vacations.  The infographic illustrates that 3 out 4 adults over 55 still have vivid memories, 55% of adults want to create similar memories for their kids, most kids agree they get to spend quality time with their parents and are also given the chance to develop stronger relationships with grandparents who come along. 
Financially, a timeshare vacation saves a family over $25,000 in a 20-year period of vacationing, and 84% of owners report that they are satisfied with their timeshares.  The Timeshare Effect also highlights the positive effect on the owner’s lifestyle.  Owners have access to beautiful resorts in great locations that can accommodate the entire family. As a prepaid purchase, it’s more likely that the vacation will be taken and the timeshare utilized.  The vacation home is essentially waiting for the family to plan at their convenience making timeshare a truly satisfactory choice for a memorable and desirable vacation experience.  
Check out the full Timeshare Effect here and learn more about the Travel Effect here.
Kristen Fitzpatrick