Timeshare Resort Properties Look to Provide Their Guests with Both Adventure and Relaxation

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 04:45

A home away from home is a key benefit to owning a timeshare, and why timeshare is often synonymous with vacation home.  There is nothing like escaping the daily grind of work life and taking your family to a familiar place of solitude.  Defining that perfect vacation experience is personal and can be tricky for every family.  What may bring solace to some may be boring to others, and it is always a challenge for vacationers to find that balance between adventure and taking a well-deserved break.  How many times have you heard a friend or family member return from a trip only to say: “I need a vacation after that vacation!”

Likewise, planning with a family is also a challenge.  The ideal parental getaway might involve a good book, a glass of wine and a close proximity to long and serene walking or hiking trails while the kids, on the other hand, might be after adventure and exploration.  After a few hours sitting cooped up with a book indoors, they yearn for something new and active to try.  Regardless of just who the adventurous-type in the family is, it’s often a balancing act for vacationing families who will naturally look to the resort for their local expertise and guidance. 
So what are resorts doing to cater to this?  How are they helping to make their owner’s and transient guests’ stay more pleasurable and easier to plan?  Last month’s issue of ARDA’s Developments magazine focused on just this.  Through an emphasis on “Resort Recreation & Amenities” the publication took a look at how developers and resort management were working to make the most of recreation for their owners at their own pace.  This inspired us to take a closer look at what our resort partners were doing to facilitate the best of both worlds.
Lagonita Lodge Morning YogaLagonita Lodge located in Big Bear City, California is a prime example of how resorts are catering to their guests’ and owners’ needs.  They have a calendar of activities held specifically at the Lodge as well as a list of local activities hosted on the Big Bear Lake website.  Events range from onsite morning yoga classes to ice cream socials and bocce ball .  Yoga is an ideal way to start off your day of relaxation.  A guided nature walk on one of Big Bear’s trails introduces visitors to the local plant and wildlife is also a highlight of on the Lodge’s calendar. 
Lagonita Lodge has an agenda to get families together with events like waffle breakfasts, billiards tournaments, lakeside BBQs, arts & crafts and movie nights.  These are all things that welcome and give the entire family a chance to not only spend some quality time together but also to meet and socialize with other guests.  For the more adventurous, the Lodge offers lake cruises, valley tours, Aqua moves - a workout in the pool and off-roading.  
Just this year, Lagonita Lodge joined the paddleboarding craze – a lake water sport that is taking off in popularity and added that activity to the list. Like kayaking you are able to get close to the water and explore crevices of the lake that are not accessible by boat. If a guest can’t find what they’re looking for on the calendar of activities the staff is always ready to help plan and customize the perfect day out.
Lagonita Lodge Billiards
Kristen Fitzpatrick